Healthier Living Workshops

July 22, 2022 12:15 pm
225 30th St., San Francisco, California, USA 94131
Workshop Date: Waitlisted Class

Healthier Living (CDSMP) is a 6 week free workshop developed by Stanford and now under SMRC-Self Management Resource Center, to show adults with any chronic condition how to SELF MANAGE their health on a daily basis.  It is held in a small group interactive setting, facilitated by 2 peer leaders.  The workshop focuses on problems participants face because of their condition, not the condition itself.  Topics include healthy eating, physical activity, better communication, preventing falls, better sleep, introduction to mind-body tools eg distraction, guided imagery and process type activities to help develop new healthy habits eg setting goals, problem solving, decision making.  The educational philosophy is based on self efficacy, the “do it’ idea to empower participants that they are capable and can cope with and resolve their health issues.  It covers 3 areas of self management- daily activities eg chores, job, social, health- finding info, and emotional aspects eg anger, fear , frustration with their condition.

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