Health Self-Management – helping yourself to better health


Healthier Living will help you to manage your health condition so that you can go about your normal daily activities more easily. You’ll learn how gentle exercise, nutritious eating and relaxation techniques can help. And you’ll also learn ways to deal with the difficult emotions that can be part of having a chronic condition, including how to talk with your family, friends, and doctors about your health. Tomando Control de su Salud is the Spanish language version of Healthier Living.

Diabetes Self-Management Program helps you learn to take control of your diabetes, and deal with the difficult feelings that can sometimes be a part of living with the condition. You’ll learn to manage your medications, make weekly action plans for exercise and healthy eating, and how to talk about your needs with your family, friends, and doctors.

Chronic Pain Self-Management Program will help you to learn new skills for coping with chronic pain. You’ll learn how to have more energy, feel less pain and depend less on others. People who’ve attended this program tell us that they’re happier with their lives and are more engaged in everyday activities.