Promotional Materials

To assist with program marketing, please feel free to use the various program flyers listed below. They can be used for outreach in the community (e.g., housing sites, churches, senior centers, libraries, supermarkets, etc.), sharing with potential host sites, and recruiting participants and/or leaders.


Nationwide, falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among adults aged 65 years and older. During 2014, approximately 27,000 older adults died because of falls and 2.8 million were treated in emergency departments for fall-related injuries. And those numbers are on the rise. The good news is that there are simple things that people can do to reduce the risk of falling, as illustrated in this video, which won first prize in the National Council on Aging 2016 Falls FreeĀ® Video Contest.

You might think you’re never going to fall, but the truth is 1 in 3 older adults fall every year in the U.S. The good news is that most falls are preventable. Start by learning 6 easy steps from our friends at the National Council on Aging.